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FIX: gptboot No boot/loader and/or No boor/kernel/kernel on..

June 3, 2012

The Shit:

gptboot: No /boot/loader on0:ad(0p1)

gptboot: No /boot/kernel/kernel on 0:ad(0p1)

Freebsd /x86 boot

Default: 0:ad(0p1)/boot/kernel/kernel

gptboot things my /boot is on the first bios disk index and first slice of it a.k.a. ada0p1 , but my /boot is on second bios index and on third slice a.k.a. ada1p3, so:

The Fix:

boot: 1:ad(1p3)/boot/loader

and the system boots OK.

BUT make it permanent, so:

echo “1:ad(1p3)/boot/loader” >> /boot.config

or echo “root_disk_uni1=1” >> /boot/loader.conf/.local

restart to be sure!!!! for me : Freebsd 9.0 thats doesnt work at all 😦

  1. bazzoola permalink

    did find a fix for this?
    This happens to me with full disk encryption using

  2. Yes, the fix is to tell the freebsd the phy disk root, as the post says:
    cho “root_disk_uni1=1″ >> /boot/loader.conf.local and the line into to loader.conf file

  3. Oggy permalink

    I have run on this post as I had same issu with FreeBSD 9.2 amd64 . I have resolve it as follows :

    boot: 1:ad(1p3)/boot/loader

    and then to make it permanent :

    gpart set -a bootme -i 3 ada1

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